Conscious Creator. Expressing God’s Love through Beauty. Writing the story of my own Life.


Young girl, artist, business woman, globe-trotter, meditator. Infatuated with Life, awoken to who she is and directing who she is becoming, passionate about inspiring others along their journey. Creating and living her childhood dream and purpose of being a model and desiring to be a positive influence in this world.


My service is modelling and acting. Self-expression, Creativity, Joy and Discipline are my four main pillars. Your vision and idea are what inspire me and I will work with you as a model, hostess and/or actress. Let's create something together! 
Discipline and great work ethic are values I greatly appreciate and live to embody.


Why have I decided, and consciously created, to work in this field? It started with my very first photo shoot when I was 5 years old, a photo session for my parents where I fell in Love with an art I didn’t even know existed. For most of my Life it never seemed like an option to fulfill my dream. Obstacles and internal limitations arose until I one day realized I had a difference to make in the world, and that this difference would only ever be achieved through overcoming all my inner limitations. 
I AM DOING THIS FOR YOU, to be an example of what is possible when you have a Passion, a Vision, a Desire, a Will and a Purpose. I follow in the footsteps of thousands of giants and if I can do it, so can you. My hope is that my story and achievements may be an inspiration to you and many more.

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About Me

I love a creative idea. I love the challenge of doing something completely new and different, and making your vision come alive. Because I'm passionate about what I do and I've worked very hard to get where I am, I'm passionate about giving you the best experience possible. In reality, I'm just the result of all the amazing people I've worked with and I hope you will be one of them.

You have the idea and vision, and I have the will and curiosity to carry it out. My work experiences range from catalogue to TV commercials, editorials, runway shows, lingerie, fine art and acting. Brands I have worked with include MANGO, Llongueras, Wella hair, Montibello, Vanity Fair Brands Lingerie, FitnessDK, José Rivero Moda and more.

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Marco Stefanelli

“I had the opportunity to work with Celia (Cecilie) and it was great, she is always looking for some great pictures and she is very professional and open to new ideas, very recommend! Hope to work with you again!”

Roger Batriu

“Great model. She was on time, knows how to pose and shares her own ideas. Would work with her again!”

Iris Pfeiffer

MakeUp Artist
“Super model she know how to pose. She is very reliable ,always on time.”

Joan Gorchs

“Great model, very professional.”


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