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This book has everything from Raw Pizza and Burger, Sushi to Nachos, Lasagna and Ravioli. It is all low fat, raw and vegan and no dehydrator is needed!

It is time to embrace true health and abundance, and I am here to inspire you along the way. These recipes are made for anyone new to the raw vegan lifestyle, for anyone transitioning, for anyone who wants to add more raw food to their lives. I personally use these recipes on a daily basis, and as a model, they are a part of my essential beauty regimen! Nutrition is such an important part of my job, but it is also important that the food is pleasurable and tastes good. So I have decided to combine it all in one book!

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Just bought your book Cecilie - some great and unique recipes in there. I've been buying and reading raw books and raw recipe books for 20 years and you have some recipes I've never seen before. Really looking forward to making them AND eating them ! - Toni, Australia

I love Cecilie's new raw recipe e-book, Raw Abundance. I have eaten a raw foods diet for 2 years now and with great joy, I found a lot of new inspiration in the book. I am especially excited about how there is an option between a overt fat or fat-free version of each recipe. - Camilla, Denmark


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