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Cocoro Intim NEW Campaign


Hi guys! And welcome back to the blog!

I am so happy to finally present this campaign to you! Back in December I was so fortunate to be working with the innovative brand Cocoro Intim. It's a brand new lingerie company that sells a product based on the latest fabric technology, which it is completely absorbent. They call it "period lingerie" because it is to use as a replacement for tampons, cups and pads during your cycle.  In fact, I had to use it for an emergency when I was travelling to Paris Fashion week and had forgotten my ladycup. For three days and 3 nights, I wore this lingerie while I had my period and it worked perfectly, no leaking what so ever! Before that I was skeptical, but that was all the proof I needed.

More news will come on my work with the brand plus a special giveaway, so stay tuned. Subscribe to my newsletter to get notified about the giveaway! For now you can enjoy our latest campaign here:

If you need a model for similiar work, the quarantine offer still stands, and you can book me for just 99 Euro, with 25 Euro being donated to help the homeless! Book me here.

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Social Media Campaign w/ Meller


Hi Everyone!

I want to share exciting news that I am starting to collaborate with the brand Meller for social media campaigns. https://mellerbrand.com/

I intially was selected through a casting on modelmanagement.com to participate in a social media casting along with 19 other models. Following they have contacted me to continue doing social media campaigns, and I am very happy to be working with an innovative brand like that, which has its business based on social media!

Have a look at my most recent work with them 

DSC 5220

Let me know what you think! Love you all <3


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