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Cocoro Intim NEW Campaign


Hi guys! And welcome back to the blog!

I am so happy to finally present this campaign to you! Back in December I was so fortunate to be working with the innovative brand Cocoro Intim. It's a brand new lingerie company that sells a product based on the latest fabric technology, which it is completely absorbent. They call it "period lingerie" because it is to use as a replacement for tampons, cups and pads during your cycle.  In fact, I had to use it for an emergency when I was travelling to Paris Fashion week and had forgotten my ladycup. For three days and 3 nights, I wore this lingerie while I had my period and it worked perfectly, no leaking what so ever! Before that I was skeptical, but that was all the proof I needed.

More news will come on my work with the brand plus a special giveaway, so stay tuned. Subscribe to my newsletter to get notified about the giveaway! For now you can enjoy our latest campaign here:

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New work with Cocoro Intim and Paris Yin!

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Hi everyone and welcome back to blog!

I want to update you guys on the month of July in terms of modeling, as it was quite an exciting month! I did 5 shoots in total, two for Cocoro, two for independt brands such as Meller and Paris Yin, and one as a beauty shoot for one of my friends. I am especially grateful to continue my work with Cocoro, which is a brand I really support, and it is wonderful to be the representative of something that is in alignment with your values! To see the work I did with them, go to their website and have a look at their webshop. You can also find me on their Instagram!

Another shoot I was especially excited for, was the shoot for Paris Yin, a botique luxury handbag brand. I love their bags and it is such an amazing feeling to model for something that you love! Albeit it doesn't always happen so I do enjoy it when it does! You can see all my photos from the shoot on my portfolio and on their Instagram page as well.

For the month of July, I have given you guys some tips on my YouTube channel on how to do well at castings! We have also discussed the issues of some models who have come out admitting to their eating disorders due to the pressure of the industry, and how that is the main reason why I am so passionate about being a healthy body positive acitivist in the modeling industry. 

For the whole of 2020 I have decided to do something very special. It's an important time for us to take of each other and our planet, so I have decided that I am going to donate 25 Euro to one tree planted, for every booking made via my website. Have a look at my rates at my bookings pageand send me a message to discuss your project and how we can work together! It will be a pleasure for me to work with you!


The Future of Lingerie

Hi guys and welcome back to the blog!

Today I have a very happy announcement, as I recently authored and article which got published, but even more so because the article was about one of my favorite brands Cocoro Intim, and it talked about my modeling career and the evolution happening within the modeling industry. I will post an excerpt from the article in this blog post and if you want to support my work and that of the magazine, you can get it here!:

https://www.blurb.com/books/10495096-beauty-models-magazine-vol-1 (pdf)

https://www.blurb.com/b/10495096-beauty-models-magazine-vol-1 (physical copy)

Now let's get on with the article! I will love to hear your thoughts about the subject and if you are noticing the same change as me!

Next level lingerie

In Spain, we have had the launch of a brand which is not only focused on empowering women, but it is especially focused on empowering women around their most vulnerable time - their period. The brand is Cocoro Intim and specializes in period lingerie – a new technology of lingerie based on a technical absorbent material that is placed between two layers of cotton. This material is waterproof, antibacterial and breathable, making it the perfect candidate for a period lingerie. A reusable period lingerie that lasts up to 2 years, can be washed up to 60 times and leaves no waste behind, other than the lingerie itself – does it get more sustainable than that?

To the reader this lingerie may both sound strange, unimaginable and even a bit repulsive. That is the first reaction I had as well, when I got booked to do my first campaign with Cocoro. But the truth is, not only is this lingerie extremely practical and good for the environment, it is also beautiful, comfortable and can make you feel sexy!

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For this article, we are interviewing one of the co-founders of Cocoro Intim, Clara Guasch, about the vision behind Cocoro Intim and how it all started

Equip cocoro

Clara, tell us, when and how did the idea of Cocoro Intim originate?

“The idea of Cocoro Intim originated after observing that women actually need external protection for their menstruation. Even women who use the menstrual cup or tampons, they still need external protection, because sometimes they don’t want to use the cup or tampon or they want pads as an extra protection. This means that nearly every woman in the world who menstruates still needs an external product to manage their period. Nobody likes menstrual pads, they are uncomfortable, they are smelly and they are not sustainable. That’s what got us to think of an alternative.”

What were the first reactions from the consumers to such a revolutionizing and different product?

“Aaah the first reactions… hmmm. We had to two reactions, one of them were WOW, wonderful! The other one was yikes, isn’t this what my great grandmother used to use? Then we realized that when people were reacting negatively, it was because people were imagining something gross, something that has nothing to do with the actual product. So, then we started to talk about the product, with the product in our hands, so when people saw the product at the same time, instead of just hearing about it, the reactions were way more positive.

People were very very happy with the idea. Actually, as a group the first reaction was excellent, as we did a crowdfunding campaign that way exceeded the expectations, as we got nearly 8 times more the funds than what we asked for. So, in general the reaction was very good and it still is. “

How has the journey of Cocoro Intim been going since the launch? Are there any plans of expanding the product to more countries?

“The journey of Cocoro since the launch has been very very interesting and difficult, I wont lie to you, it hasn’t been an easy journey, but it has been a very positive one and one of growth. We have worked very very hard and we have been lucky. It’s been very clear that we have a good product that matches women’s needs, and that is what is allowing for Cocoro to grow really.

And yes, we are expanding, we are actually ramping our internationalization expansion right now, in various countries. We have just launched in the UK, which is something we really wanted to do and we are planning to launch in more countries next year and the following.”

What would you say to someone out there who is interested in the product, but at the same time a bit scared about if and how it works?

“I’d say, there’s nothing to be scared about. It’s not a scary product, it’s a helpful product. The only thing is that you need to know how this product works best for you, because we are all different. I can’t say “yeeah you can use for 24 hours and there is no problem”. It really depends on how the period is for each woman. I definitely encourage every woman to try the product and see how it works for them. Some people can use it for 24 hours, with no extra protection, other women need extra protection. It’s a very healthy product and a very comfortable product and it works.”

Do you use Cocoro? And what is your experience?

“Of course I use Cocoro! And I love them. I love being able to wear menstrual panties, I do combine them with the menstrual cup on my heavy days because sometimes I have a heavy period and this combination gives me that extra security. But on the day after the heavy menstruation I just use the Cocoro. And it feels very liberating I must say. You just leave home with your underwear on, and maybe the menstrual cup and that’s it. You don’t have to worry about whether you have tampons and pads etc. I find it very liberating, clean and comfortable. It helps as well have a positive relationship to your menstruation I think, because you are not throwing away this stuff to the bin, you are just washing the Cocoro like you would wash a t-shirt and can use it again. It gives me a very nice feeling I must say.”

Any final thoughts to the readers?

“Yes, I’d say… I think it’s generally good to try options. If you think you might like the Cocoro, go for it, try it and see what works for you. I think what’s important is that people who menstruate in general are given various options and pick whatever suits us the best considering on what’s comfortable and what matches our values. If sustainability is one of your values, this definitely is worth a try. And even if it isn’t it’s worth a try too because Cocoro is a very comfortable product. Yeah, definitely try!”

The world is going through changes, both on a collective and individual level, and this has allowed for new businesses to emerge – business that match the new and upcoming values of the future world.

As a model, it is an absolute pleasure to be the image of a brand like Cocoro – a brand that completely aligns with my core values. A job that at first seemed peculiar turned out to open a whole new road of opportunity that has allowed me to feel that my job has a deeper meaning – that we can all be part of representing and promoting something that we believe in and that we can change the fashion industry for the better from the inside out. Will Cocoro Intim become the new Savage x Fenty? Will inclusivity and empowerment also begin to translate into practicality and sustainability?

Time will only be able to answer this question, but as a model myself, this is the kind of fashion industry I dream to see, one that truly knows how to empower the consumers in all aspects of the purchase. The good news is, that you as a consumer decide what the future of fashion will be like. Your money is your vote and you can decide which values you vote for. As lingerie is one of the most intimate clothing items a woman can get, I think it is one of the best areas to place our vote strongly, and I know where mine goes. Where do your values belong?


Cocoro Intim from their social media campaign 2019, with the very catchy #cambiemoslasreglas

If you want to read the full article, find the magazines here:

https://www.blurb.com/books/10495096-beauty-models-magazine-vol-1 (pdf)

https://www.blurb.com/b/10495096-beauty-models-magazine-vol-1 (physical copy)

And if you want to book me as a model, remember that 25 euro gets donated to one tree planted. See how to book me here.



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