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Corona Virus Update


Hi guys, and welcome back to my blog

I hope you are all safe and happy wherever in the world you are. The world is definitely going through something major, something that we haven't seen in 100 years, and for most of us it can feel scary and uncertain.

For me personally, I feel scared if I listen to the media, but I feel a sense of excitement and feeling of great changes to come when I listen to myself. Already for a long time, I knew something was going to be happening around now, with challenging times, but with a lot of light and a sense of freedom and lightness coming in around May. So far, it seems pretty accurate!

One of the reasons I am feeling particularly excited is because suddenly, I have all this time to focus on what really matters to me: spreading positive vibes through my YouTube channel, updating my modeling website and creating new modeling contacts. Having a break from the busy day-to-day life is giving me a moment to get back in to my creative juices and finding my flow. Get me right, I love people, but sometimes it can get intense - even distracting - to be around a lot of people day by day. We all need a moment to cleanse our system and focus on just us. Now is the perfect time to do that! On an individual level, business level and even society level. It's time for the cleansing of all areas!

On the other hand, we have a tool that we have never had in pandemics like these before: the internet. Even if we cannot go out and meet people, we can communicate and stay in touch with the entire world, every single moment of the day. This is a major blessing, that allows for all of us to feel just a little less isolated. It is also a wonderful tool which we can use to spread useful information, experiences and tips to handle the crisis. I want to give a special thanks to everyone who has been "social media warriors" and have used this time to spread light and awareness.

I know that not everyone feels the same way as I do, and that's why I've focused a lot of this time on making videos to share my perspective, and the knowledge I have gathered that can be useful in times like these. I've put the entire playlist in this article. Please share it with friends, family and on social media, as we need positive information spread to as a many people as possible!

Stay safe my friends! Wishing you all the best :)

How I started modeling at age 25 - Beginners tips

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Hi guys! Welcome back to the blog

In today's video I am talking a bit about how I started modeling at age 25, and the main things I would recommend a beginner to implement. In today's day and age, it is never to late to start modeling, and even though I thought it was late, I am so grateful that I gave it a go! Here I am today, many jobs, travels and wonderful experiences later.

If you want to start modeling and don't know exactly how to, read my tips below and watch my full video here

1. Get to know what type of model you are 

Are you a high fashion, commercial, curvy or petite model? Know your type and then look for agencies that represent your type. These are the agencies you want to apply to.

2. Get lots of experience. 

Do lots of photoshoots, even if for free. But always find a professional or upcoming photographer as you want to make sure that you can learn and get good material from it. It is best if you can find the photographers from agencies or art schools. Instagram is another tool to look up photographers in your area. 

3. Be nice.

Learn a bit of ettiquette and how to be around people. There is a lot of competition in this industry, and many jobs are through someone who knows someone. The nicer you are, the better and impression you leave people with, and the more likely they are to recommend you. Kindness is a strategy. But also know when to say no, and never do something that does not feel right. Know your own values and boundaries before you enter the industry. This is one major benefit I have had from starting late. I know when to say no and I am confident enough to do so. 

4. Learn what diet works for you and move your body

Healthy lifestyle is key. Your body and face is your product, so experiment with different health regimes until you find one that makes you feel and look optimal. Always focus on health, not restriction. Some of the best models do not restrict their intake, they simply know how to eat healthy and in accordance with their body.

5. Get a role model

Find one or more models in the industry whom you really look up to. Use them as inspiration. Sometimes there will be challenges, then it helps to have something that inspires you to keep going. For me it is Candice Swanepoel, she gives me eternal inspiration and I keep her image in my house and as a background on my computer to keep myself inspired!

I hope these tips were helpful! Sign up for my newsletter, follow me on Instagram and subscribe to my YouTube channel in order to stay connected :)


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