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Do we have the cure for COVID-19 already?

Hello Everyone! And welcome back to the #coronasurvivalkit series.

I had the immense pleasure of interviewing a true apostle of modern day medicine, Andreas Kalcker, about the pandemic we are experiencing, and about the solutions. He happens to have studied a substance known as CDS, or Chlorine Dioxide, for the last 13 years and the studies have shown one thing clearly: CDS is effective against almost all viruses, with 100% effeciency. They are currently doing clinical trials for the COVID-19 strain, and preeliminary results show the same.

I want to share my personal experience, I had very clear symptoms of the COVID-19, starting on the exact day that the lockdown was put in place in Spain. I had been travelling and meeting lots of different people from all over the world before that, so it makes sense if I may have contracted the virus from somewhere. I got an immense headeache, fever and just not feeling well. I went on the CDS protocol and within 48 hours, I was back to my real self again. I cannot fully prove if I had COVID-19, but it does not matter because the tests are starting to show that it works. If you want to know exactly how it works against virusses, please watch my video below

How come not more people know about this then? Shortly answered, it comes down to interests and lobbyism. CDS is a threat to the pharmaceutical industry for three reasons: it cannot be patented, it is extremely cheap to make, and it would out-perform at least 400 different medicines on the market. Plus it has no side-effects. It has never killed anyone, in the history that it has been tested, compared to millions of people killed by pharmaceutics. And by now, people's experiences are coming out into the light, the science is starting to back it up strongly and it can no longer be hidden.

That's why I am offering a free guide on my website about CDS. Please subscribe to my newsletter to receive your copy. 

CDS Guide

Also visit AndreasKalcker.com for more information about his work. Watch the interview above to hear about his expertise! 

Where to buy CDS

Hi guys! And welcome back to the blog :)

As you all know, I recently did an interview with Andreas Kalcker, which has gotten a lot of positive feedback. Along with the feedback also came a lot of questions, the most frequently asked one being, where do I buy these compounds?

In the above video, I address this question. Basically you can find providers worldwide for Sodium Chlorite on wps.land. You can also find a providers list below.

Some people are also not aware of how to prepare MMS. I do not recommend that you take MMS, but I have put together this video for those interested, based on what the experst recommend.



As a final note, I want to share some really exciting news! I have teamed up with the publisher of Andreas Kalcker's book Forbidden Health, and I am now selling his books on my website! We ship to Europe and America, and we have books in English, Spanish and Romanian. Click here to buy one of his books.

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