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My Last Runway Show

Hi everyone! And welcome back to the blog!

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Today I want to post the final video from my last runway show before the quarantine. I remember this show clearly, I had been travelling a lot and I was really enjoying the evening but at the same time I was so tired from all the work. Fast forward a few months and what a different world we live in! it's kind of funny to think about how we had no clue about everything that was about to happen back then. I am happy to share this show with you and I look forward to many more!

Runway shows are one of my favorite jobs to do, I am a very physical person and I love the movement. Funnily enough, that is also the part of the modeling industry where you see the least diversity and that has the absolute most strict rules about the look of the models. To be a professional runway model, you have to be at least 1.76 cm tall (with few exceptions), and have some of the most strict body measurements in the industry. It is also one part of the modeling industry where you can make the most money. As a curvy model, I dream of being part of bringing more diversity to this part of the industry, and it is happening, one step at a time. That is one of the reasons I have taken a professional Pret a Porter education by Hernando Herrera and I do every single runway show I can get my hands on! Let's keep going! Have a look at the vlog below to see behind the scenes of the show!

To see the final video of the show, click below. Comment on the video if you spot me!

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