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Hello everyone! And welcome back to the blog!

Before I start my story, I just want to say that water fasting can be a dangerous healing modality if done wrong and has to be done under professional medical supervision and only in the right conditions. Please do not do this at home. And please do not do this for weight loss!! I explain in the video why. My water fast was medically supervised and following the instructions to the t.

Today I wanted to go into depths with my experience of doing a 22 day water fast back in 2014. For 22 days straight I ate absolutely nothing, I was in bed all day and I just drank water. I wanted to cleanse and heal my body, and more importantly my soul. Did I achieve that? Watch the video below to see my full story!

To recap, I experienced the following benefits from the water fast:

  • 50 pound weight loss overall
  • Healed connection with my body
  • Increased intuition and 6th sense
  • A renewed sense of life
  • Feeling reborn, new, ready to start a new life
  • Food tasting amazing and all cravings for junk- or unhealthy foods gone

But let's also be real, there are potential side-effects:

  • Long-term weight gain (gaining all the weight back and more)
  • Eating disorder like behaviour or full blown eating disorder
  • Loss of period for 7 months following
  • Purity or perfectionist, rigid mindset
  • Isolation from the rest of the world 

 While I am no expert in water fasting, I hope you enjoyed my video! If you want to know more, send me a message through my site or comment on my YouTube video :) If you want to start a healthier lifestyle, remember that it is all about your daily habits! Start by eating healthy today, a 10 day waterfast does not undo 2 years of poor food choices. I was eating healthy and wholesome both before and after the fast and it was never an excuse to break that pattern. The book you see below, I finished writing just before my fast and I published it right after. This was the way I was eating! Go have a look at it to get inspired on how to live a healthier lifestyle.

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If you want more inspiration of how to eat healthy, check out my raw vegan recipe book Raw Abundance here! There is currently 20% discount!




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