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Where to buy CDS

Hi guys! And welcome back to the blog :)

As you all know, I recently did an interview with Andreas Kalcker, which has gotten a lot of positive feedback. Along with the feedback also came a lot of questions, the most frequently asked one being, where do I buy these compounds?

In the above video, I address this question. Basically you can find providers worldwide for Sodium Chlorite on wps.land. You can also find a providers list below.

Some people are also not aware of how to prepare MMS. I do not recommend that you take MMS, but I have put together this video for those interested, based on what the experst recommend.



As a final note, I want to share some really exciting news! I have teamed up with the publisher of Andreas Kalcker's book Forbidden Health, and I am now selling his books on my website! We ship to Europe and America, and we have books in English, Spanish and Romanian. Click here to buy one of his books.

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